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Water is a valuable & limited resources & every one of us is highly responsible to preserve & protect it from getting polluted. Water pollution is one of the major threats all over the world which result in paucity of portable water besided affecting the aquatic eco systems amd ground water deposits. City sewage and industrial effluent are the main pollutants which have to be treated and reused, if possible before letting it into rivers, lake, pond, oceans and other waste bodies. In this context, waste water submersible pumps play a vital role in waste water treatment and recycling.

Waste water submersible pumps became popular in early 1960's and once users and specifiers learned of its advantages, the growth of the submersible for waste water pumping has been dramatic since then. Now these pumps are the dominant Pumps in the municipal waste water pumping ststions and treatment plants and are widely sued throughout the world for versatile applications.

Flow Chem Waste Water Submersible Pumps
With the excellence gained in pump technology over the period of 6 years Flow Chem has introduced highly efficient and reliable sewage & drainage pumps in a comprehensive range. These pumps are available with different material of construction and feature a multitude of application in waste water handling & treatment.

Beside expanding its products portfolio, Flow Chem is firmly committed to contribute a vital role in creating a more pleasant and affluent living condition world wide, which is one among its ambitious goal.

All Flow Chem drainage &Submersible Sewage Pumps are perfectly power by motor designed to deliver aotimal performance and to withstand vagaries of weather and power fluctuation.


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